Buffing & Paint Touch-ups

For a vehicle to look the best it possibly can, it can’t have scratches, chips, swirls or other paint defects. These defects are so common that they can be found on nearly every car on the road. This doesn’t have to be the case.

Hail Repair


As many Do-It-Yourself people find out the hard way, buffing a vehicle is a skill. Many people do more damage than they correct trying to buff their vehicle in the driveway. Buffing in the wrong conditions, using dirty, old or poor quality materials and supplies can result in a damaged finish and may leave a vehicle looking worse than before the procedure. You do not need to worry about a thing when you hire Nick’s Dent Care to buff your vehicle. We use only the best supplies and techniques to ensure your automobile looks its very best when we are done!

Paint Touch-Up

Nothing looks worse than chips and scratches on a car! You do not need to live with these eye sores any longer. Nick will have your baby looking great again by expertly touching up these blemishes for you!