Glue Pull Repair (GPR)

Glue pulling is a paintless dent repair method that allows trained PDR techs to pull dents outward to make them less deep and then use professional tools to finish the job. 

There are different types of glue we use with different hardnesses, different pull strengths, and different operating temperatures 


Basically, when we cannot gain access to the backside of the panel to push the dent out, we pull it out. This is where our specialty glues and temperatures help but it is really the experience that comes into play with providing the highest quality repairs. The professional technician has lots of variables to know and understand for a proper glue pull procedure to be successful. Some of these include the size and shape of the tab to use, how much glue to apply, how long to wait before pulling are just a few. This all happens in a matter of seconds.

Dent Repair

Glue pulling dents looks like the easiest method but in fact it is the most difficult to learn and the hardest to perform correctly. Glue pulling is one of the many areas where Nick’s Dent Care outshines the rest!