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Hail Damage Repair DFW

When a hail storm strikes, it can cause dozens or even hundreds of dents in your car on the hood, roof and trunk. If the hail stones are large, the dents can be quite deep, but even small dents can cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Paintless Dent Repair is uniquely suited to repairing these types of dents while preserving your factory baked paint finish. Did you know that when a roof panel on your car has a lot of dents on it that body shops will often cut the roof off and replace the entire roof with a new panel, welding it into place? With PDR your vehicle’s original structure remains in tact and looks like the damage never even happened.

We can help you fix any dents, dings, or other damage that may have happened due to severe weather and hailstorms. Hail damage and dents in a car’s metal surfaces can be removed using Paintless dent repair. The panel will be put back in working order without needing body filler or paint by our professionals using various techniques and specialized instruments to massage the dent. PDR is a better option than pricey and unnecessary body repair.

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Your automobile will be substantially less valuable and enticing to you and potential buyers if it has hail damage. Your car’s surface will get pitted and dented when hail strikes it. Over time, the paint will begin to fracture and flake in specific areas. Once that occurs, it won’t be long before the rest of the surface follows. Before long, your car will have significant areas of chipping, cracked paint, and finally, rust, giving the impression that it has been mistreated. Quick hail damage repair will prevent those areas from spreading and shield the rest of your car from more harm. To make an appointment, call us.


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