Lease Returns

If your vehicle is leased and coming up to the end of your lease period, you should get any dents or dings repaired before taking the car back to the dealer. Any damage still there when you turn your vehicle in will cause you to be accessed panalties for the damage.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) can. save you a significant amount of money by taking care of any dents & dings before you return the vehicle.

Lease Vehicle Touch-Up

Any leasing firm must prioritize maximizing the value of cars returned at the end of a lease. Through our leased automobile repair services, we assist auto leasing firms in preserving the value of leased vehicles, reducing expenses, and boosting earnings. According to studies, the seller earns an average $1.50 return on investment for every dollar spent restoring a car for an auction. For automobile leasing firms searching for small to medium repair services carried out by professionals they can rely on. We can fix paintless dents, hail damage, bumper and paint issues, interior issues, wheel issues, and more for leased cars.

When returning your leased car, outsmart the dealership by choosing Paintless dent repair. It’s a bright idea to select a reputable, five-star-rated Paintless dent removal firm to remove any minor dings or dents you may have accumulated throughout your lease while returning the car. We can remove your little dings and hail damage and dents in a relatively short time and at a fraction of the cost compared to the standard repairs that most dealerships will charge you for. So when returning your lease, avoid paying exorbitant dealer fees! 

Don't Go to the Dealerships! Check With Us First So We Can Save You Money!

Nowadays, many businesses inspect your car before giving you seven days to fix any issues they detect. You may also take your car to the dealership to examine it for your lease return and then bring the results to our store, conveniently located near City Centre. For a fraction of what a body shop or the dealership would charge, we will be pleased to go through the lease return inspection with you and fix everything specified within our service area. We also provide vehicle painting services if you do require them. However, the first line of defense against paying $2,000 to $3,000 when you turn in your car is paintless dent removal and paint correction.


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